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Last month I posted a press release on the brand new Prestige Cosmetics Wonder Gloss Nail Lacquer line which comes in 27 different beautiful shades! Prestige Claims that these polishes are "super glossy, include multi vitamins for maximum coverage and durability that strengthens nails." I completely agree with the claims, first of all I've been wearing these polishes for the past 3 days, not even 1 chip, my nails do feel strong and not brittle like they do sometimes with certain polishes -- when I press on my nails right now they are super hard...which is a good thing!
They are super glossy, which I love because I don't have to add a top coat, but also the shades that I received from Prestige Cosmetics are metallic but I can't really say whether all of them are metallic or if there are some matte shades; nonetheless the color range is amazing from neutrals, to brights, something for everyone.

The application process was amazing, they applied easily without any effort at all, and one coat is super pigmented, that's really all that you need for an even, pigmented, application!  Drying time was very fast as well less than 5 minutes, very comparable to other drugstore (and some high end) polishes that I've tried!  These are super affordable, at $3.95 each; they are currently only available through the Prestige website so please make sure to check them out for additional details and colors!
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