MAC Cosmetics PRO Palettes For $8.00 (Plus More Deals)

I have to give a big shout-out to "G" from Nouveau Cheap, she posted this deal on her Instagram and blog so I had to make a purchase immediately! MAC Cosmetics has lowered their prices for their PRO palettes, which is unbelievable because I've been wanting to de-pot a lot of my shadows but didn't want to fork over the massive amount of money they used to be which I believe was $25 (the old packaging), also I didn't want to purchase the pricey Zpalettes which are currently priced at $17.
Currently they are selling the PRO palettes and inserts for the following amounts (I don't think these are temporary sales I think these prices are permanent):
Pro Palette Large/Duo: $8
Pro Palette Large/Single: $8
Pro Palette Eyeshadow x2: $5
Pro Palette Eyeshadow x4: $8
Pro Palette Eyeshadow x15 (insert): $2
Pro Palette Blush x6 (insert): $2
Pro Palette Customize X12 (insert): $2
Pro Palette Customize X24 (insert): $2

I purchased 2 Pro Palettes Large/Single and 2 Pro Palettes Eyeshadow x15 (insert). I am so excited because I have a huge de-potting project which I will share with you all through a blog post!  Also, if you make a purchase between now and tomorrow 8/8/13 there is FREE 2-day shipping, use code TREND at checkout!  To check out these palettes make sure to visit the MAC Cosmetics site! Thank you G for the awesome deal alert, I am so thankful and you saved me a TON of space now that I will be able to de-pot my shadows!

Will you be purchasing any palettes and/or inserts?  Keep in mind these don't just hold MAC eye-shadows you can de-pot any shadows and place them in these palettes!
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  1. I have purchased two of the Large/Single palettes along with the eyeshadow insert and blush insert and they came yesterday. I also placed another order on the palette and eyeshadow insert. Also, the MAC Eyeshadows in pan form are $10.00.

    1. Awesome purchases! Unfortunately the inserts I ordered are now back-ordered/out of stock so they only shipped the 2 Large/Single palettes that I also purchased =( I wonder why they lowered the shadow prices, I mean don't get me wrong its amazing!!

    2. Same here. I am waiting for my backorder of the eyeshadow insert to ship since my order of the Bio Green eyeshadow, Bright Sunshine eyeshadow and the Large/Single Pro Palette shipped. I also wonder why MAC lowered the prices of them since I have never seen a decreased price before from MAC.


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