LORAC Cosmetics On Sale Up To 81% OFF

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You all know by now I'm obsessed with Hautelook; the deals have been pretty awesome lately so I decided to make a small purchase today since Lorac Cosmetics is on there!  Unfortunately the lip set I wanted is already sold out, this is what it looks like:
LORAC Lip Gloss Set

So I ordered 2 lip pencils each for $3.00, regular price for these is $16.00....that's over 80% OFF! I've been wantiing to try Lorac's products but the price is pretty crazy so I am very glad to see these on Hautelook!
LORAC Cosmetics
I believe the sale ends on Monday 8AM, so if you've been wanting to try anything from LORAC now is your time to head over to Hautelook but hurry a lot of stuff is already sold out!
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