e.l.f Fall 2012 Python Nail Polish

I've been loving the e.l.f Fall 2012 Python Nail Polishes if you remember I purchased these last year when they were on sale at my local Target for $1.70 each! I've been loving the red one (sorry I don't believe these have names), and my mom's been loving them as well! Below is a mani I did on myself and my mom as well!! 
ELF Polishes Swatch
My mom is very impressed with the quality of these polishes, and has said over and over that these polishes do last longer that some of the other drugstore ones that she's tried....and I agree 100%!

Do you own any of the e.l.f Fall 2012 Python Nail Polishes? Which one is your favorite color? Do you ever do your mom's nails? Or siblings/friends?
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