Beauty Deals You Can Find At Your Local Big Lots (PLUS HAUL)

I visited my local Big Lots this weekend and did a little bit of retail therapy! I purchased a few beauty items and wanted to share with you the awesome deals I got!
Goody Classics Claw Clips $1.50 (REGULARLY $3.00)
Almay TLC Foundation $4.50 (REGULARLY $11.99)
2 Revlon Lip Glosses Super Lustrous $2.00/each  (REGULARLY $7.99/each)
Covergirl Fresh Complexion Concealer $3.00 (REGULARLY $5.99)
Beauty Products At Big Lots
For those of you who are not familiar with this store, Big Lots is a store where you will find major deals on items that you normally find in other stores for a fraction of the price.  From home goods, to furniture, to school supplies and even beauty products. Let me take you on a little "tour" as to what beauty goodies you may find at your local Big Lots.  

Big Lots Beauty Deals
First up the hair product section, here you will find shampoos, conditioners, hair color boxes, serums, gels, basically anything needed for hair styling you will find it there.  At my Big Lots they have all major drugstore brands such as Pantene, Aveeno, Aussie, L'oreal, John Frieda, and more, all for very affordable prices (more affordable than the regular prices at the drugstore).
Big Lots Beauty Items
I always head first to the beauty section in hopes of finding some pretty awesome deals, down this isle I always find brands that that are available at local drugstores, the prices are marked down by a lot which amazes me every time I visit my local Big Lots!  Many products are up-to date meaning they are still being sold at local drugstores, other product may be from old packaging or "last season's" but they are still pretty amazing!
Big Lots Beauty Items
I generally find brands such as L'Oreal, Almay, Revlon, SOHO Beauty, ELF, Soft Lips, Maybelline, and much more! Deals are usually 50%+ off from what you can find at your local drugstores.  Also they always have sets which I never really see at other stores, all very very unbelievable prices.
Beauty Products at Big Lots
Hopefully I've convinced you to head over to your local Big Lots ASAP to find some awesome goodies!  Have you headed over to your local Big Lots recently? Which amazing deals were you able to find?
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  1. I love going shopping a Big Lots! What a great deal on those Revlon Glosses!

  2. great post and i love this


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