The Best Beauty Tool -- Q-tips Precision Tips

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Out of all the beauty tools and makeup brushes that I own the best tool out there would have to be the Q-tips Precision Tips; I received 2 sample packs from Influenster recently however I've been using these Q-Tips for the past year when I purchased a pack from my local Target. 
Best Beauty Tool
These are not like regular Q-tips because the ends are somewhat pointy, this makes it super easy to clean up and/or apply makeup! What I generally will use these for is to clean up my cat-eye/eyeliner because I am still learning to apply liquid eyeliner and these Q-tips Precision Tips helps clean up my mess and give me a precise and flawless line!

Have you tried the Q-tips Precision Tips? They are pretty amazing and very affordable! To check out these and more Q-tip products please make sure to visit their website:
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