Summer 2013 Vacation: Life Update

Hello Friends!  If you're an avid reader of Glitz Glam Budget then you know I am usually pretty active on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media site.  Therefore you've probably noticed a lack of activity for the past week or so.  Well reason is because I went on a family vacation (due to the Independence Day July 4th holiday) and I've been having such a blast and pretty much been away from the internet which is explains the lack of posts!

Well today I wanted to share with you what I've been up to for the past week! First of all the weather has been HOT HOT HOT around California, 90's-100's which is pretty hot and somewhat unbearable at times, so I've been swimming a lot the past few days!
One of the highlights of my vacation included going to several theme parks, water parks, zoo's and amusement rides.  From Six Flags, to Great America, to Waterworld, it has been so much fun going on roller-coaster rides, water slides, watching animal shows, and seeing fireworks!
Six Flags
I have a few more days left of my Summer 2013 vacation, which I will use to relax and get ready for work on Monday!  What that means is catching a few sun-rays, going to the park for a picnic, possibly seeing a movie, but also getting back into my working out mode -- you know how it is when you go on generally gain a few pounds which is what I've done, so I've already started working out again! Which by the way, the super cute bright neon pink shoes are BONGO from Sears, originally $19.99 but they are currently 50% off so I purchased them for $9.99!!
Sale Sears
I will resume regular posting next week, I have a ton of product reviews coming up, and actually a few group giveaways as well, so make sure you stay tuned!  I hope that all of you have been enjoying your Summer as much as I have!  Whether you are off from school or taking a few days off of work, I hope you've all been enjoying the sun, time with your friends, and creating special moments with your family! 

What have you been doing during your Summer vacation and/or time off from work? I'd love to know!
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