Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick Review

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Hopefully you're a little bit more familiar with Reviva Labs after reading my review of the Seaweed Soap & Oatmeal Soap. Well today I have an awesome product review I want to share which is the Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick, a product so amazing I've wondered why it took me so long to find such an item!

The Vitamin E stick is a 1/8 oz. tube and retails for $4.00. Ingredients include soybean oil, beeswax, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E, which explains exactly why this product is amazing for the lips! Upon first using this product, my chapped lips felt super smooth and hydrated, not only did it heal my dry lips, but it offered moisture and hydration throughout the day!  In addition, I applied this overnight and when I woke up my lips were the smoothest and softest they've ever been!  
Vitamin E Stick Review
What I also love about it is that this product contains SPF 15 and when I wore it on my vacation (in the hot sun) my lips did not get burnt whatsoever!  I've also applied this on my eye area and dry spots on my face overnight and it did offer excellent hydration, it did not break me out, and in fact made my makeup apply easier since I didn't have to worry about any dry patches!

Have you ever tried this Vitamin E stick? What do you generally use it for? To learn more make sure you visit the Reviva Labs site for more product details! Stay tuned for the Reviva Labs Mascara review this week....also a giveaway on all these items (soaps, vitamin E stick & mascara)!
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  1. They shuld add some pigment in the stick.. that would be more interesting ..Thanks for the share


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