Reviva Labs Seaweed Soap & Oatmeal Soap Review

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In case you haven't heard, Reviva Labs is a cruelty-free, natural skin care line, which offers a variety of products from skincare, body care, even some cosmetics.  I have the pleasure of testing out 4 of their products: Seaweed Soap, Oatmeal Soap, Vitamin E Stick, and their Mascara.
Reviva Labs Review
Today we're reviewing both soaps so let's start with the Reviva Labs Seaweed Soap, it is a 4.5 oz. bar which retails for $4.00.  The soap is 100% vegetable based, and some ingredients include walnut shell powder, algae, and seaweed.  Before even using this soap what I noticed was the scent, which is strong and can be overpowering, however once used with water on the body the scent becomes so light and amazing, that it makes the experience very refreshing!  Also, the soap contains small particles such as the seaweed and the walnut shell powder which offer such an amazing body exfoliation! I've had some dry patches on my arms lately (due to the climate change), and the Reviva Labs Seaweed Soap has given my skin moisture and smoothness because of the gentle exfoliation!

The Reviva Labs Oatmeal Soap, is also  a 4.5 oz. bar which retails for $4.00. The soap is also vegetable based, and some ingredients include Water, Oatmeal, and Olive Fruit Oil.  This soap does not offer any exfoliation but it does offer a super clean feeling which I love.  The oatmeal soap penetrates my skin and seems to be very deep cleaning because I feel so fresh and smooth every time I use this bar!  The Reviva Labs Oatmeal Soap makes my skin feel so hydrated throughout the day, completely the opposite of dry! Also the scent is very light and every time I use this soap I feel very relaxed as well! 
If you asked me which one I prefer it would be very hard for me to pick because I feel like both are very essential to have in my skincare routine; the seaweed soap offers exfoliation and moisture, and the oatmeal offers smooth and hydrated skin; therefore I highly recommend both of the Reviva Labs Soaps!  Make sure you visit the Reviva Labs site for more product details! Stay tuned for the Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick and Mascara reviews this week....also a giveaway on all these items!
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  1. oh wow these look great ive had a bar soething like this and i loved it it had little granuels too it felt amazing. ive never heard of this brand it seems afordable!!


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