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I had a chance to test out a few products from Reviva Labs, the Seaweed Soap, the Oatmeal Soap, and the Vitamin E Stick! Well today I want to share my review of the Reviva Labs Liquid Mascara, which I was very excited to try out! 

The Liquid Mascara is a .25 oz. tube, and retails for $8.00; it comes in the color black and the color brown (I received the black one). Ingredients include Beeswax, Water, and Wheat Oil, which explains its gentleness because this mascara contains a hypoallergenic formula which means that it will not cause any irritation or break you out/cause any rash. I love this because I do have sensitive areas on my face and the slightest ingredient can cause irritation but the Reviva Labs Mascara is so gentle and works wonderfully!
Affordable Liquid Mascara
If I had to use one word to describe this mascara, it would be natural, the reason is because this mascara gives you the most natural looking lashes, and it's exactly what I've been looking for to wear on a daily basis.  This mascara was super easy to apply, it didn't clump at all, and it didn't flake on my lashes either! 

Reviva Labs Cosmetics
The applicator is big enough to apply enough mascara, yet small enough to fit perfectly with any eye-shape in order to contour the lashes with the product! This particular mascara does an excellent job in lengthening and separating the lashes and makes it easy to curl with an eyelash curler. Also, because this contains beeswax, I feel that this allows the curl and lengthening of the lashes to remain the same throughout the day, which is pretty amazing!  

Have you tried the Reviva Labs Liquid Mascara?  To learn more make sure you visit the Reviva Labs site for more product details! Stay tuned for a giveaway where you can win all 4 of the items I reviewed!! 
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  1. Sounds nice. I also like natural looking mascaras for everyday wear.

  2. interesting... though I love the mascara that gives some extra boost/volumized... thanks for the share


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