Prestige Cosmetics Wonder Gloss Nail Lacquer line

Exciting news today! I was notified that Prestige Cosmetics is launching their own line of nail polishes called Wonder Gloss Nail Lacquer line! Take a look here:
From Prestige: 

Prestige Cosmetics is happy to announce the launch of the Wonder Gloss Nail Lacquer line. The collection consists of 27 shades ranging from turquoise to navy blue and coral to silver. The polishes are super glossy, include multi vitamins for maximum coverage and durability that strengthens nails.

Prestige Cosmetics nail lacquer line is currently only sold on and each polish costs $3.95
Prestige Cosmetics Nail Polishes
This is very exciting news because I truly do love Prestige Cosmetics, their Wet/Dry Powder Foundation is a MUST for me and have already stocked up on a few, also their My Biggest Lashes Mascara is unbelievably amazing, in fact this reminds me that I need to re-stock!   Their Wonder Gloss Nail Lacquer Line looks amazing with the variety of colors, but also each polish is super affordable!  As stated in the press release these will be available online only but I will keep you update if there is additional information as to whether they will be available in store eventually!
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