Forever 21 Love & Beauty Pink Icing Nail Polish

Several weeks ago I purchased the Forever 21 Love & Beauty Pink Icing Nail Polish, I already own 1 other similar textured polish but different color which is the Babyface Nail Polish which is a very pretty light blue color with amazing glitters in it!
Forever 21 Nail Polish
Pink Icing is a very pretty milky pink color with amazing chunks of big and small glitter/confetti in it.  This polish is one of my favorites because you really only need one swatch and you have this amazing highly pigmented light pink color.  I am truly amazed with the quality of Forever 21 polishes, they look amazing (pigmentation), they glide on super smoothly (are easy to apply) and last a fairly good amount of days!  BONUS this polish is less than $3.00!

To check out this particular polish and the rest of the Love & Beauty Polish line, please make sure to visit the Forever 21 siteHave you tried any of the Love & Beauty polishes? What about this particular one, do you just love it? Let me know your favorites down below!
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  1. This shade is very lovely

  2. OMG this shade reminds me of a cupcake and sprinkles!!!!
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    -Jenna <3


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