Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions

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I received a pair of the Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions from Influenster and it's the 1st ever cushion I've tried out for my shoes.  It's really simple, basically it's a soft/cushion pad which you place on the ball of your foot.  The purpose of this is so your feet remain comfortable all night long when wearing heels!
I normally don't wear heels unless it's for a special occasion so I recently went to a friend's wedding and decided to wear my super cute 4 inch heels and placed Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushion on each heel!

It felt a little odd at first, so it's something to get used to, but since the cushion is very soft it made my heels feel a little bit more comfortable then not wearing anything at all.  The only thing I didn't like is when I tried them on with open toe heels it makes my feet slippery and slide down.
Overall these are worth trying, especially if you wear heels all the time! They are very affordable, they are available in most major drugstores for around $7.99, however if you visit Dr. Scholl's website there's a $2.00 of coupon!
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