Bath and Body Works NEW Coconut Water Chill (Review)

If you saw my recent Shopping Haul then you know I visited my local Bath and Body Works and purchased a few items one of which is fairly brand new to BBW which is the Bath and Body Works Coconut Water Chill Shimmering Cooling Mist; it retails for $14.00 but I purchased it for $10.00 because it was on sale at that time.

What drew me to the mist was the scent although it smells nothing like Coconut it does have a floral island smells which is just amazing.  It is very strong so 1-2 sprays is enough, but what's awesome is that the scent stays on your both for several hours before you have to re-apply.
Signature Collection Shimmer Cooling Mist Coconut Water Chill
The one thing I should have paid attention to was the "shimmering" aspect, which is something I totally hate.  This spray gives off a lot of shimmers, and not even a subtle glow, when you spray it a bunch of shimmers spray out, and you literally look like you're ready for Halloween!  Maybe I am being too dramatic but it doesn't look like a sun-glow and it really makes me dislike the product, regardless how great it smells.

I am going to return this product because quite frankly I don't like my skin or clothes being filled with glitter; which I am very disappointed about because I love the scent! If this is something that interests you then I encourage you to first visit your local BBW and test this product out; make sure to visit the BBW site for more product details!
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  1. omg i saw this and was like ahhhhhhhhhhh than u said shimmer i hate anything with shimmer or glitter when it comes to for the body it reminds me of my highschool days when i thought it was cute hahahaa


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