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I've blogged about this brand in the past, Red Apple Lipstick, in which I absolutely loved their products and still do as of today! Well did you hear the news? Red Apple Lipstick was voted the Best Gluten Free Cosmetics Brand by the Annual Gluten Free Awards!
I think it's so amazing when companies get recognized for their hard work, which is why I wanted to share this news with all of you! I'm fairly new to the whole "glutten free/organic" cosmetics which is why I am very excited to have my first experience with Red Apple Lipstick! The results of these awards were published in the March-April issue of Delight Gluten Free Magazine and the brand was also featured in Women's Health Magazine, check it out:
Best Gluten Free Cosmetics Brand

Best Gluten Free Cosmetics Brand
I loved it that on their website they have 10 reason why Red Apple Lipstick Kicks Butt, and here they are:
1) Quality

2) Safe Products = No Yucky

3) Dedicated Testing And Storage Procedures

4) We Don't Test On Animals, and Neither Do Our Suppliers

5) 100% Money Back Guarantee

6) Free Shipping On Orders Over $50

7) Safe Online Shopping

8) Badass Customer Service

9) Made In The USA

10) Exchanges and Gifts

11) Bonus TidBit - A Guy Thinks Of Every Color (The guy who started this company designs each and every color).

Congrats Red Apple Lipstick, you deserve it!  If you want to check out Red Apple Lipstick please make sure to visit their website!

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