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Why pay more for something where you can get the exact (or close to the exact) same thing for a cheaper price?  This is why I love Mystylust, an online boutique that sells designer clothing at very affordable prices!

One of my favorite (high end) brands is Motel Rocks, I was actually introduced to this brand back in 2012 when they launched their US site on Feb 14th! Well today I am going to show you how you can get Motel Rocks clothing, for half the price!  

Take a look at the following items from Mystylust and the actual Motel Rocks site and see the big price difference:
Style For Less

Style For Less
If you want to check out more Motel Rocks items from Mystylust, please make sure to visit their site!  Do you love these items as much as I do? Check out their site and let me know which piece is your fav!
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