Mark Glow Baby Glow (Luxe) Lip Glosses (Review & Swatches)

The Mark Glow Baby Glow (Luxe) Hook Up Lip Glosses, are one of my favorite lip glosses, they are not sticky at all, they are very light weight, and they provide a nice hint of color. They come in a variety of different shades, all of which can work well with any skin tone, simply because the colors are pretty sheer.  
Avon Lip Glosses
Every color does have a tint of shimmer (some more than others) however the shimmers are very minimal which is why you can use these lip glosses for any occasion, whether you're going out to a party or to work.  What I like to do is wear these glosses over a matching lip stick, it definitely gives the look some vibrancy, and offers the lip stick some extra shine.
Mark Avon Lip Swatches
It's very easy to control the amount of product you are applying, simply because of its sheerness, also you can add additional layers of product to increase its color and its intensity.  The lasting power is pretty comparable to other drugstore lip glosses; within a few hours additional applications will have to be applied if you do want to maintain a vibrant color. The lip glosses do have a slight minty flavor and scent, however it is very bearable and hardly noticeable.
Mark Lip Glosses
The Mark Glow Baby Glow (Luxe) Lip Glosses retail for $6.50 and can be purchased directly from Avon. You can click here which will take you to the Avon site.

Have you tried these glosses? What are some of your favorite lip glosses?
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  1. I simply love them as well!
    If you are ever interested in them again I sell it and send a frebbie to my fellow bloggers.

  2. I love the red one! I can add that to the list of products I need to try! Thanks Silvana! PS- I have been reading your blog for about six months now, and I absolutely loooove it! Please check out mine, and if you like it feel free to spread the word around! I'm pretty new to the community, and have a lot of work to do, but I love writing and reading about products, fashion, makeup, etc. I think you would like my second latest/newest post. Thank you!


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