Bright Neon Skinny Jeans On Sale For $10!!!

On Friday I visited my local Macy's for the The Lancôme Show Makeup Collection Event and of course I made my way onto the clothing racks in hopes of finding some good deals! I was surprised to see that many of their racks had discount/sale signs of up to 75% off!
Skinny Jeans on sale
I purchased 3 pairs of Bright Neon Skinny Jeans which were on sale for $10/each! These are originally $29.00/each so I saved quite a bit! I love these jeans because they are super bright and perfect for the Summer, plus they are made of stretchy material which is a lot more comfortable for those warm days than regular jeans!

Have you visited your local Macy's lately? Have you spotted any good deals?
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  1. These jeans are cute!! I love the colors and the prices are a steal!

  2. Now that was a steal :)

  3. OMG $10! I have to get to my nearest Macy's! Checking online now. Thanks for the tip!


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