Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Foundation Review

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A little over 2 months ago I finally made the plunge to purchase a high end foundation, which was the Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Foundation.  I've been hesitant to purchase a high end foundation because of the price tag....this one was $39 plus tax (for a 1 fl oz bottle). 
Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Foundation Review
You may be wondering why I wanted to purchase a high end foundation if so many drugstore foundations are good enough, well if you remember my post last year on My LOVE HATE Relationship With Drugstore Foundation and how I never find a shade that actually matches, well this prompted my interest in high end foundations!

This particular foundation has different shades geared towards different skin undertones so I believe anyone from different skin colors can find a perfect shade! I swatched some of the colors in Sephora and was able to find a perfect match instantly!

Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Foundation Color Selection
Picture Source: UrbanDecay.com
The Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Foundation formula is a bit liquidy but it applies so effortlessly and literally glides on the face in a few simple dabs/strokes.  The formula is a mixture between matte and dewy so in my opinion it really gives you this natural fresh look. 

The foundation dries fairly quickly and makes the skin feel super soft, I do feel that because it dries fairly quickly I did have to work the blending a bit faster than some other foundations that I've tried.  Also, the foundation does last pretty much all day long while looking at good as it did when you first applied it. 

Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Foundation Review
The foundation does have a very strong scent to it, it does fade once the foundation is applied and dried, but unfortunately some of the ingredients in the foundation and/or fragrance irritated my skin and caused a few breakouts so I ultimately made the decision to return the foundation after i realized it caused a reaction on me.  I am disappointed because the foundation looked great on me (formula, application, color selection) but I'm not going to use a foundation that breaks me out.

Do I recommend this foundation? Absolutely YES 100% but I recommend you visit your local Sephora and get a small sample (something I did not do) so you can test out the formula, the color, and ultimately if it agrees with your skin then it's worth the price tag.  I do have sensitive skin so ultimately this did not work out for me, but everyone's skin is different and many people haven't had a reaction from it.  To check out this foundation please visit the Urban Decay site (or Sephora).  Have you tried this foundation? Do you love it or  hate it? 

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  1. I received a sample of this with Ulta's deals and absolutely loved it. I only had about 2 uses out of the sample, but I was thinking about buying it. Since mine were so small, I didn't notice a smell or wear it long enough to know if I broke out. :( Kinda reconsidering getting it...

    1. Hello Ashley, I got a reaction after about a week and a half, therefore if you used about 2 samples worth and didn't get a reaction I believe you should be ok. The good thing is that if you purchase from Sephora they have a great return policy so if you see the slightest reaction or pimple/rash you can always bring it back!

  2. I have this and LOOOVE it! It feels so nice on the skin and doesn't get cakey :)

  3. Just saw that post of yours - I agree about the swatch thing - it's a pain to find out with shade is yours when it comes to drusgtore foundations. Besides, a lot of them have very bad chemicals in them, so I prefer the high end stuff. I've been considering using this one, so good to hear about it!

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  5. I had issues blending this foundation and it was irritating to my skin. :( I'd recommend trying this stuff out in a sample before you buy if you have sensitive skin FOR SURE. I'm sure it would work well for some but it didn't work for me. I generally love urban decay but I'm going to have to return it. Its sad really because I heard good things about this foundation :( My search for my perfect foundation continues...


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