Sally Hansen Double Duty Top & Base Coat

I wanted to share with you my current favorite top coat which is the Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat. I love this top and base coat for many reasons, the first being that it is very affordable, it's around $4.58, and it can be purchase at all major drugstores (as well as online).
Affordable Top Coat and Base Coat
For less than $5.00 you not only get a top coat but a base coat as well, using a base coat is very important (in my opinion) because it allows an even base for the nail polish.  The concept is very similar to applying a face primer, well my nail polishes have been able to glide on very easily with this product, and the polish has been lasting a lot longer when using this as a base and a top coat, vs not using anything at all.

What I also love about it, is that it makes my nails super strong and chip resistant  which is what Sally Hansen claims with this product.  This base/top coat is actually formulated with Nylon and Pro-Vitamin B5 which create a shield on your nails, providing shine and strength at the same time!

Best Base Coat and Top Coat
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I love Sally Hansen Nail "Care" products, in fact about a year ago I was using their Daily Nail Growth Program which worker WONDERS!  Overall, I highly recommend purchasing the Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat, it is great for keeping your nails looking and feeling strong and healthy, but at the same time it works great with having your nail polish last for a long time!

If you're looking to save money on a base coat and top coat I suggest checking out your local drugstore for this amazing product, if you're looking to spend a little bit more I do still love my Orly Nail Treatment Trio!
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