MASH 5 x 2 Nail Art Dotting Tools

I've mentioned in a past post that I'm a nail polish fanatic, I love painting my nails and taking care of them!  But oddly enough, I've never tried any form of nail art, particularly with a dotting tool! So when MASH Nails gave me the opportunity to test out their MASH Dotting Tools I was ecstatic!
So currently I've been practicing on a nail wheel, because I'm a newbie I've been experimenting with different fun yet simple designs.  As seen below the designs are really child-like and basic but I'm a newbie at this and hopefully one day I will be able to create more extravagant designs!
What I love about this set is that it comes with 5 different sized tools and it's only $5.99 (how affordable and amazing is that??), also there's a dot/ball on each end of the tool, and each of these dots/balls is of a different size, the purpose of this is that you can create different designs by using the size variance!  The process was really easy and actually quite fun to play with!
I actually have a fun collaboration coming this Summer with a good friend of mine, so stay tuned for that! I will be creating some fun nail dotting looks using the MASH Dotting tools, which will be super fun!  Have you ever used a dotting tool before? What do you think about them? They're pretty fun right? Well if you're interested in this particular set, please make sure to visit the MASH Nails website!
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  1. I just wanted to tell you that I'm just starting my blog on here. I had another blog and it was more of a affiliate blog and not very personal so I started my own free blog with blogger and your blog is one that I'm constantly pulling up and saying "what did glitzglam do for their widgets" "what affiliate programs are they doing" and I've found almost all of my favorite beauty blogs through you so thank you very much. <3 Keep up the fabulous work!!! :)

    1. Hello Shannon, thank you so much for the wonderful comment, i truly appreciate it and it means the world to me! I am heading out to your blog right now and checking it out! Thank you again for making my day! XOXO


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