Check Out My Urban Decay Haul (I Save Over 70%)

About a week ago I posted about a few great sales that were going on, one of which was from Urban Decay! There deals were (and still are) pretty awesome, so I couldn't resist making a purchase!  I want to show you my haul so you can also go check out the sale, since it's still going on.
Urban Decay Setting Spray
I purchased the following amazing items, and by the way let me just say that Urban Decay has the best and cutest packaging I've ever seen!!!!

Mariposa Palette on sale for: $15.00 regular price: $39.00
Deluxe Shadow Box on sale for $13.00 regular price: $38.00
De Slick Setting Spray on sale for $14.00 regular price: $29.00
Showboat Nail Kit on sale for $8.00 regular price: $28.00
Urban Decay EyeShadow Palette

I spent about $54 (with tax) but these items are valued at $134 I saved over 70% how awesome is that? If you want to check out the sale visit the Urban Decay site, but hurry because a lot of stuff is already sold out! I will do separate reviews with swatches of my purchase so stay tuned for that!
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  1. awesome goodies! I'm sure you'll have lots o fun with all that!

  2. You grabbed up some nice goodies, Silvana! I can't wait to see what you think of De Slick. I've been wanting to try it for a while, but haven't purchased it yet.

  3. GREAT savings! If you have the ELF mist and set spray, can you let me know if the de slick is similar?

    1. Hi Kystal, I'm actually currently using the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and I do have the ELF set spray, BUT I prefer the UD vs ELF for a few reasons which I have a review lined up that compares the two so that will be up soon!

  4. For sure you got an awesome deal!! Great pickups!

  5. wow, thank you for the info!


  6. what a steal hun!! great haul

  7. Great haul! I love a great bargain!!!!!!
    Follow me back?
    -Jenna <3

  8. Great haul <3 thanks for sharing :)

    You are invited to join my giveaway to win one imported Korean Exquisite Fashion Watch in Turquoise on my blog :

    XOXO, <3

  9. You picked up so many awesome things, LOVE your haul :-) UD is one of my favorite brands, their eyeshadows are fantastic :-)

    Love, Christine♥


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