Red Apple Lipstick, Lip-gloss, & Eyeshadow Product Review

I've been a beauty fanatic for the majority of my life, many of you can relate, but as much as I know about beauty there's always something new to learn.  Well this was the case when Red Apple Lipstick contacted me about trying their products, they are a safe and health conscious company -- every product on their website is 100% Gluten free, Paraben free, Soy free, Lead free, basically free from harmful chemicals which are found in many makeup items!

Just a quick note on gluten, a lot of people are allergic to gluten and it is said that the average woman consumes 4 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime so gluten free (and paraben free) make a product a bit more safe because it doesn't have any chemicals (like lead as mentioned above for example) that may cause harm in the long run.
gluten free, paraben free

The first product I tried was the Red Apple Lipstick in Foxy is a beautiful frosty pink/nude lipstick; perfect for any skin color.  I was immediately impressed with the texture of this lipstick, it applies so smoothly and glides on without any effort at all.  The color is so pigmented that you really only need one coat of lipstick and you have a highly pigmented color.  The texture is smooth and doesn't feel sticky at all, and the lasting power is pretty good, lasts a few hours before I feel the need to reapply.  Also, I love the packaging of the lipstick tube, it has a very durable and sturdy feel to it, and looks very sleek!
The next item I tried was the Red Apple Lip Gloss in Nude Peppermint, which is a very pretty nude peach color, again perfect for any skin color.  It does have a scent and flavor of peppermint and feels refreshing on the lips.  The color is super pigmented and it only needs to be applied once every few hours (standard for a lipgloss).  I love wearing this gloss over the Foxy lipstick because I find that it lasts a lot longer on the lips vs wearing it alone. The packaging is super sleep and looks very fancy, I really love it! The product texture is very smooth and applied easily, it does have a tiny bit of shimmer but not overly noticeable. The product is long lasting meaning that since you only need to apply a little bit at a time, it will last you for months. I've been using this product for a few weeks now and it seems like I haven't even made a dent in it! 
The last item I've been testing out is the Red Apple Individual Mineral Eyeshadow in  Champagne which is a beautiful neutral/golden color.  It is very smooth to the touch and does apply very easily and without any effort at all. The shadow does last pretty much all day (8+ hours) with a primer, without any creasing or fading. My one complaint I have with this shadow is that this particular color is frosty so it's not very pigmented.
Below you can see the swatches of all three products, and if you are interested please make sure to visit the Red Apple Lipstick website; if you join their VIP Club (FREE) you can get an instant 20% OFF coupon!
Overall, I do highly recommend Red Apple Lipstick and all their products; the quality of their products is truly amazing and it's definitely been a great introduction to a gluten-free, paraben-free and basically a health conscious cosmetics company. I will be purchasing from them in the near future, I really want to try their lip scrub and their Crush On Me Lipstick which is a super pretty (sort of bright) pink color!
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  1. That lipstick is gorgeous! Love the review!


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