Nail Polish Color Preference

I love painting my nails, it's something I've loved to do since I was a teenager.  For me, nails are part of my self expression and I consider my nails part of my accessories.  I'm not really good at Nail Art (still working on that) so I generally just do simple 1 color nail polish and at times I will add nail stickers!
As far as what my nail polish color preference is, I would have to say the color Pink; in all variations from neon, to light, to deep, pink is my favorite color to wear on my nails. 
Don't get me wrong, I do have a billion and one different colors, from black, purple, yellow, to green, and I will occasionally go through "moods" where I only want to wear a dark colors, or only wear pastels, etc.  I think at one point I only wore glitter polishes -- now I tend to just add a little bit of glitter as an accent to the nails. (Below is my current pink obsession which I've been wearing non stop, it is the Sinful Colors in # 24/7 which I showed you all a few weeks ago through a post & on instagram).
I was looking through my nail polish collection last night; I had all of them laid out on the floor, and my hubby comes in (almost had a heart attack) asking "Do you really need all those polishes"...UMM YES I DO!! Sorry, back to my point is that majority of the polishes that I own are pink; I can't help it, when I see a new pink variation I buy it!

So what is your Nail Polish Color Preference? Which colors do you absolutely never wear? Which colors do you repeatedly wear on your nails? Which colors do you generally gravitate to when you're at the store?
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  1. Lately, I seem to not have a preference, I just want something of everything but I will say that I think I need every version out there of mint green!

  2. great buzz you created on twitter


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