My Favorite Forever 21 Accessories

I own quite a few accessories from Forever fact too many to actually count!  If you don't know, Forever 21 offers a wide variety of accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc, at very affordable prices. The awesome part is that majority of these items that I've purchased usually are less than $3.00 each...what a bargain!
After looking through my accessories, I realized that majority of the accessories that I own from Forever 21 are necklaces and earrings, so I think I will need to make a visit to my local F21 store in the near future, and purchase some bracelets and necklaces...I know I'm addicted, but at least these accessories wont break my wallet since they're super affordable!  Do you love Forever 21 accessories as much as I do?
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  1. we have the same heart earrings from F21! :) I so love Forever 21 too :)


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