MASH Scented Neon Nail Polish Set

I received a few items to review from, an online retailer that sells nail art and nail tools at very affordable prices. I will be reviewing several of their products in the next few posts, so stay tuned for them! Today I will be reviewing a polish set that I've been obsessively using for the past several weeks.  It is the MASH Scented Neon Nail Polish Set, yes you read that correctly these polishes are scented!
The set comes with 6 (.21 fl oz) bottles -- just a little bit smaller than regular sized polishes which generally are .50 fl oz.  This set retails for $9.99 which is pretty amazing for 6 polishes, each one is basically $1.66 each.  This set is amazing for many reasons, the first being that the colors are so pigmented and you really only need one coat to achieve the perfect color -- none of them are sheer they are all highly pigmented.  As you can see in the swatches below you can hardly tell which has 1 coat of polish and which has 2 coats of polish
These polishes are also long lasting and very comparable to higher end polishes like Julep and Essie; I started to see chipping after about 4 days (using base coat and top coat).  Now onto the scent...yes these are scented polishes! When you first apply you can obviously smell "nail polish" scent but once the polishes are dried you can actually smell a different sweet/candy scent for each one (which includes fruit punch, cherry, lemon, etc); the scent does last for several days!

To check out the MASH Scented Neon Nail Polish Set please make sure to visit their website.  Have you tried this set before? Or any other scented nail polishes?
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  1. 10 bucks for 6 bottles is a pretty good deal!
    omg, i think i'd be sniffing my nails all the time, so fun!

    1. It is definitely a great deal...and trust me I couldn't stop admiring and smelling my nails LOL

  2. i love scented polish these look great for summer

    1. Jessica, these colors are definitely perfect for the Spring and Summer!


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