MASH Crystal Glass Nail File

I've been a nail polish addict since a teenager, and I've always used those emery-board (or steel) nail filers.  Well I never knew the significance of using a crystal glass nail file until MASH Nails sent me one for review. There are so many advantages to using a glass nail file that I will never go back to emery-board. First off, we all know we have to constantly replace those flimsy emery-board nail files because they wear down very easily (especially for someone like myself who files and maintains her nails very often).  I've been using the MASH Crystal Nails Glass Nail File for several weeks now and it still looks brand new!  

Also I've noticed that this crystal glass nail file has been more gentle on my nails, vs using a steel file which has caused some major damage to my nails in the past. My nails haven't chipped or cracked when filing with this crystal glass file, which is amazing because that's the whole point of a nail file is to maintenance your nails, not break them!
MASH Nails
What I also love about this crystal glass nail file is that it is easy to clean, just wiping it with water or rubbing alcohol, I could never do that with an emery-board file because once it is wet it's not workable anymore. Overall there are no disadvantages, in my opinion, to using a crystal glass nail file.  In fact I will never go back to emery-board or steel because my nails have never been so healthy and so perfectly looking than now that I've been using this crystal glass file!

If you want to check out this particular Crystal Glass Nail File make sure to visit the MASH Nails website! Have you ever used a Glass Nail File? Pros? Cons?
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