Forever 21 Love & Beauty High Pigment Glosses (Purple, HOT Pink, & Pink Swatches)

I purchased three Forever 21 Love and Beauty High Pigment Glosses for $2.80 each, and although I'm really brand new to the Love & Beauty brand (for a few weeks now) I already love these glosses enough to share a review.
Forever 21
These glosses are highly pigmented for light to medium toned skin, but unfortunately I believe they may be sheer for women of a deeper colored complexion.  They come in 5 different colors, I own 3 of them: Pink, HOT Pink, and Purple.  They don't feel sticky at all, in fact when you glide them on (which by the way these glosses have the standard wand applicator) the product glides on super smoothly without any effort at all.
Forever 21
These glosses are very shiny so definitely not matte at all, which is great because you don't have to top them on with anything else.  I did try these glosses on top of a matte lipstick and it looked very pretty, so they can act as shine glosses on top of lipsticks and in fact they do last a little bit longer when I wore them like that.

Overall I highly suggest purchasing the Forever 21 Love & Beauty High Pigment Glosses, they are super affordable, very pigmented, and don't feel sticky at all! To check out these glosses make sure to visit the Forever 21 website.

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  1. Looks great. I haven't tried anything from their Love & Beauty line yet.

  2. Loving the purple, I just don't think.I could pull it off!!


    1. Ange I think you could, the colors are not too crazy out there, and do look natural enough and not crazy purple! =)


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