Forever 21 Beauty Haul

I visited my local Forever 21 store today and I made a small purchase of a few beauty items!  I bought 1 Love & Beauty Nail polish in Pink Icing it's such a pretty milky pink color with glitters, I can't wait to try this out, as you know I am already IN LOVE with the milky blue one called BabyFace.  Also I purchased 2 Love & Beauty High Pigment Gloss, I actually already own one and I LOVE it so I will do a review for all 3 of them this week, with swatches of all of them!
I've been slighted addicted to Forever 21 lately, I think because the weather has been so beautiful that I just want to go outside all the time and shop (particularly during my lunch break)!  Have you visited your local Forever 21 store? Have you tried these polishes and/or glosses?
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  1. i want that polish!!!! very pretty colors you got

  2. that reminds me of the illamasqua polish i've been eyeing :)

  3. Gorgeous nail polish colour! Love it



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