China Glaze Snow Globe & Eyes Lips Face Python Nails (Nail Swatches)

I love glitter polishes, simply because they are generally easy to apply and very forgiving meaning that it's easier to hide "mistakes" when applying it! I also love creating unique looks by applying glitter polishes over a colored polish and that's exactly what I did recently. 
I first applied the Eyes Lips Face #26 polish from the Python Collection, it is a deep brown/gray color, which is already beautiful by itself! Then I applied the China Glaze Snow Globe polish, from the Let It Snow Collection, which is a pretty clear glitter polish with different colored specs/glitters on it; this went on top of the elf polish.

It's a simple look which took just a few minutes to do; do you like to layer glitter polishes over colored polishes, or do you prefer to wear each one alone? Have you tried either of these polishes?
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