Spring Trend: Color Blocking

My all time favorite trend during the Spring/Summer months is Color Blocking, I've always been a fan of bright fun colors and I love to mix and match.  What is color blocking? Well color blocking is a fashion trend where you wear different colors that (usually) contrast with one another.  A single piece of clothing can contain color blocking (for example a shirt with different colored patterns) or wearing different clothing articles of different colors (for example a yellow top with dark green pants).
Spring Trends
This weekend the sun was shining brightly and the weather was just perfect, I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather so I decided to try out a little color blocking.  I wore some fun bright blue jeans, a white top and a neon pink jacket, it was very fun sporting this look and I plan on creating more color blocking options with my wardrobe! 
Spring Trends
Also I paired my outfit with simple shoes and a plain yet cute purse, which by the way is from ModDeals, my favorite online fashion & accessories retailer! You can color block literally anything, from accessories, to even nail polish, the possibilities are endless!

What is your favorite Spring trend? Which trend are you most looking forward to this Spring season?

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