Simple Skincare Haul (Exfoliating Products)

I recently went to Target and picked up two Simple Skincare products: The Exfoliating Facial Wipes and the Smoothing Facial Scrub, both of which retail for less than $6.00.  I've already tried a few other Simple Skincare products, the Facial Cleansing Wipes and the Rich Moisturizer, which you can check out my review here; I loved both products.
Simple Skincare Smoothing Facial Scrub
Currently I am testing out these exfoliating products and will do a review on them to let you know if I love them or not!  What I do like about this line is that their products are not irritating to the skin at all, which is perfect for any skin type!

Have you tried any of the Simple Skincare products? Which is your favorite? Which is  your least favorite? I really want to try all of their products specifically the toner; have any of you tried it?
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  1. I love the facial scrub, eye make up remover, light moisturiser and foaming cleanser! Big Simple fan and I have the most sensitive skin!

    Lovely post :)

    Amanda xo


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