Sephora Lovely Lips -- Lip Balm Duo Review

I recently went to my local Sephora and purchased several items, one of which was the Sephora Lovely Lips -- Lip Balm Duo, for $15. I figured for $7/each lip balm it really wasn't a bad deal, and I am a lip product junkie so I really wanted to try this out.
Honestly when I picked it up I knew it was a lip balm set so I really wanted to try these out to see how they compare to drugstore lip balms.  I imagined these would be very pigmented but unfortunately they were not pigmented at all.
I would show you swatches but unfortunately these barely showed up on my lips and/or hand.  It was a bit disappointed that for $15 I expected these to work a little bit better than a plain chap-stick which is what these felt like.  The only thing that the Sephora Lip Balms provided for me, was a shine on my lips which lasted about an hour.  The difference between the two colors is that the light pink balm is a shimmer/frost clear balm and the peach balm is a extremely light pink/clear balm.
Your lips would have to be extremely fair for the color to even show up on them, I would not recommend these if you're looking for a balm or lip product with color, even if you're just looking for a clear balm you can find cheaper alternatives at drugstores again a great alternative are the Maybelline Baby Lips.

If you are interested in the Sephora Lovely Lips -- Lip Balm Duo it is only available in stores (from what I can tell), I was not able to find this online.  Have you tried this set? What do you think about it?
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  1. I agree, they're both nice shades.

  2. $15 dollars and no color at all that really sucks :( awee boo darn sephora lol thanks for the honest review hun

  3. Gorgeous colours, shame about the price when the colours don't work



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