Outfit of the Day on a Sunny Day Out!

Today was a very pretty day, the sun was shinning but it wasn't super hot.  I can't definitely feel Spring coming along because the flowers are blooming and the grass has finally turned green once again!  My OOTD consists of simple dark blue jeans, a loose flowy shirt, and very comfortable flats. All the items I am wearing are all very affordable, jeans from Ross Dress for Less, Shirt from ModDeals, and shoes are fairly old and I don't remember where they are from, but I want to assume from Macy's when they were on sale!!
I also used my favorite sunblock on my face and arms, which is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock in 70SPF. It's very important to use sunblock even if its not Summer yet, because it helps protect us from sun damage and ultimately from skin cancer.
What's also very important? It's drinking water and staying hydrated, which is why I bring this water bottle with me literally everywhere I go! Staying hydrated is not only good and necessary for our health but for our skin as well.
Pink Water Bottle
How is the weather where you live? Are you starting to see the sings of Spring in your area? What is your favorite sunblock?

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  1. I've been on a flavor water kick as of late. Namely Sobe life water 0 cal. Especially the Fuji Apple Pear, so good!

    Haven't really had any signs of spring here in New Jersey, snow storm yesterday, then we're suppose to get snow tomorrow too.

    1. I like adding a little bit of flavor onto my water too at times, generally sugar free packets. That's too bad that its snowing where you are at, hopefully in the next few weeks you will start to see a bit of sunshine and Spring!


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