New Drugstore BB Cream -- Prestige Cosmetics

Prestige Cosmetics has just released an affordable BB cream called: The Flawless & Ready BB Cream with SPF 15!   

This BB cream does retail for $11.50 for a 1 oz. tube, this does retail for a little bit over the average drugstore BB cream but judging with how impressive their Primed and Ready Eye-Shadow Primer is, I bet this BB is the exact same way; where a little product does go a long way.
This BB cream comes in two shades: 1) Light & 2) Medium, and the product is Oil-Free, Talc and Paraben free!  This product can be purchased at Ulta as well as the Prestige website.

What do you think about this BB Cream? Have you tried other BB creams? Which one is your favorite?
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  1. I haven't tried it and I probably won't. I prefer Asian BB creams, the Western ones I've tried weren't that good.

    1. I've never tried an Asian BB cream so I really can't compare. Thanks for the comment!

  2. This is something I am dying to try out


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