I SCORED! Rampage Flats at TJ MAXX

Want to check out my favorite flats? They are these pink/coral flats from the brand Rampage (which is generally sold at Macy*s) for around $40.00...but what's awesome is that I only paid $14.99 for them at TJ MAXX! 
I am actually hoping to find a few more (of different colors) at another local TJ MAXX because honestly a pair of stylish flats for $14.99 is really unheard of! They are super comfortable, very stylish AND perfect for Spring/Summer!

Do you love TJ MAXX as much as I do? What awesome trendy fashion pieces have you found there at such affordable prices? To check out what else TJ MAXX sells, make sure to visit their website!
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  1. So many of my shoes come from TJ Maxx. They have the best prices!
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    1. Let's just say I am addicted to TJ MAXX....I really can't control myself with such good deals!!

  2. OOO super cute! Last year around this time I found a pair of Jessica Simpson embellished flats for $30ish at my TJMAXX. At Macy's they were near $70!

  3. oh wowo so cutee you find great stuff


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