Forever 21 Love & Beauty Lip Stain

I purchased my very first Forever 21 brand beauty product recently, which was the Love & Beauty Lip Stain; retailed for less than $3.00. This is actually my first ever lip stain so I didn't know what to expect and can't compare to any other brand. 

The product has a felt tip applicator almost like a marker or pointy highlighter. Upon applying it on my lips I noticed that it was a little bit hard not only on my lips but also a bit hard to achieve somewhat of a color.  After a few swipes I did get a very light tint on my lips, which did look nice and did last several hours before slowly fading.  The tint was so light that it looked like I had lipstick earlier and it was just fading.   The product wasn't glossy nor moisturizing, in fact it felt like I had nothing on my lips (I assume that is the purpose of a lip stain).
However, the pen dried up fairly quickly, without even having it for a few weeks, therefore I don't know if I purchased an old lip stain or if it was defective.  My opinion is that I will want to try out another Love & Beauty Lip Stain to see if it works a little bit better so I will purchase another one next time I am at Forever 21. 

I notice though that they don't sell these online therefore I am not sure if they are being discontinued (that may explain why it dried out so fast..?); if you know please let me know down below!
Since it wasn't too expensive as I said I will purchase another one and hopefully it will not be dry nor dry out as quickly as this one did! I will definitely report back with an updated review! Have you tried the Forever 21 Love & Beauty Lip Stain?  Did yours dry out just like mine did? Does anyone know if it comes in other colors and if they are being discontinued?
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  1. Gorgeous colour, I love the packaging. I have never heard of this brand, but can't wait to get it


  2. awee that sucks the color and packagin look great though!!


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