Forever 21 Accessories Haul

Lately I've been addicted to Forever 21, I've always loved that store but ever since I found out about a location 10 walking minutes from me, I've been going there about once a week!
I love Forever 21 accessories, and this small haul consists of a few of their earrings, a necklace and a nail polish. This is my first Forever 21 nail polish, I tried it on last night and oh my goodness I LOVE it.  I will show you swatches in the next day or so!
What do you think of these accessories? Do you love Forever 21 as much as I do? Have you tried their nail polishes? Let me know which colors are your favorite...I am planning on going back to purchase more this week!

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  1. You got some cute earrings there!! I love that their accessories won't break the bank!

  2. Wow! The coral one is stunning! Hope it's available online!



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