The Perfect AND Affordable Teasing Brush

So who doesn't love to tease their hair? It seems like that's the trend now days, and honestly I was never into the hair teasing trend until I came across the Spornette Little Wonder Brush Boar and Tourmaline Nylon Bristles #111 and now I am hooked!
I've tried quite a few of the Spornette brushes and this is the most affordable AND my favorite!  This brush is perfect for teasing the hair, back combing, but also for brushing down frizzy and unruly hair (especially when it is up in a ponytail) because it does give your hair a smooth and healthy shiny affect to it!  It only retails for $8.00 which is a steal because you're getting a great quality brush for a drugstore price!
So what's so great about the Spornette Little Wonder Brush Boar and Tourmaline Nylon Bristles #111? This particular brush is equipped with nylon bristles which actually penetrates deep into the hair and actually emit negative ions which results in soft, shiny, and silky hair!   What I love about this brush is that the bristles are very thick and sturdy which makes it easy to pick up the hair to tease but also makes it a breeze to flatten down any flyaways and unruly hairs. Also, notice how the end of the brush has a "pick" shape, well this is great to section off your hair -- this brush truly is multi-functional and this is why I love it so much!

All my Spornette brushes can be purchased through, as you know this is my go-to store for all beauty, hair-care, salon products at very affordable prices.  To check out my other favorite Spornette Brushes click here.
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  1. ive been wanting to try this thanks for linking!!!

  2. Hey, Silvana! This brush really is amazing for teasing. Glad you love it! - Jessica (Big Daddy Beauty)

  3. I've never heard of this brush before, but I can't wait to try it!



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