OPI Texas Collection Nail Polishes on SALE!!!

I just received an awesome notification that I definitely need to share with all of you! The OPI Texas Collection Nail Polishes are currently on sale for only $5.00 each!  Regularly these are priced at $8.50 so it is definitely a good deal!
This price is available through Cut and Blow (a hair and beauty private sales website), so hurry these are while supplies last; sale goes on for 2 days! Below are the polishes which are on sale; I love all the colors they are so pretty!
Click here to sign up and visit the sale.
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  1. Gorgeous colours, but how to choose? I like them all!


    1. Hi Lauren I know what you mean, all the colors are so beautiful! Let me know which ones you pick out!

  2. "Cut and Blow" spammed me with this offer at an email address I only use for Facebook (Facebook@myDomain). Never did business with them (or even heard of them) before I got the spam, so I will not buy from them. Too bad, because if they hadn't spammed me I probably would have. :-(

    1. Hi Liz, I completely understand, what I've learned is sometimes if you're signed up for a blogger list like a PR company has your email address, or a blogger community, your email address is shared. I know a lot of people might not like that but for me I don't mind because I like to bring you the most up to date sales & deals; normally if I don't want to keep receiving emails I click unsubscribe.


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