My Lunch Time Forever 21 Haul

I visited my local Forever 21 and I purchased a few items I wanted to share with all of you!  The haul is pretty small because I went during my lunch time, so I didn't have much time to browse around as I would have liked!
This Forever 21 store is pretty huge, 3 floors to be exact, and about half of one floor was dedicated to shoes and accessories -- let's just say there was so much to look at I wanted to be there for hours! This F21 looked very glamorous because they had chandeliers and fancy flooring, the whole place looked amazing!
I purchased 2 blazers for $14.99 they were on sale regularly priced $30.00; I also bought a pair of very pretty earrings/studs for only $3.80, and 2 Forever 21 brand (Love & Beauty) lip products -- a Lip Stain and High Pigment Gloss.  I am very excited to try these beauty items since it will be my first time!
Have you been to your local F21 recently? Did you spot any accessorries or clothing at awesome prices? Have you ever tried the F21 Love & Beauty line? I'd love to read reviews about them, leave links down below if you've reviewed any of the Love & Beauty items!
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  1. they look great review please :)

  2. Gorgeous things you've brought! I've never been into Forever 21 (gasp!) but can't wait to check it out


  3. I haven't tried anything from their Love & Beauty line. I'm going to wait for your reviews and swatches on those lipglosses you bought.


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