Madonna's Material Girl Nail Polishes (Review & Swatches)

Recently I purchased two of Madonna's Material Girl Nail Polishes from TJ MAXX; I was very surprised because I've normally spotted the Material Girl line at Macy's.  If you are not aware, Madonna started a line with her daughter called Material Girl, the line includes clothes, accessories, shoes, beauty products, etc, to view her line click here which will take you to the Material Girl website.
The two polishes I purchased are: Harlequin, which is a very pretty mermaid blue/green shimmer and Guilty Conscience which is a brown color (light to dark depending how many coats you layer on).   These retailed for $7.00 on the Macy's site when they were available but I can't seen to find them anymore online so it could be that they are discontinued (if anyone knows please comment below), but TJ Maxx has them at $3.99.

I was very surprised to see that when these polishes are applied on the nails, they look a bit different than what they look like in the bottle. Harlequin on the nails comes off more green with minimal shimmer, Guilty Conscience on the nails looks like brown rather than gray/beige. 

(Please excuse the dark nail pictures below they were taken at night with artificial lighting).
Even though both of these polishes comes from the same line, they are very different, the Harlequin polish is actually thicker in consistency which made the application process go a lot smoother and easier.  However the Guilty Conscience polish seemed a lot liquidy which made it a bit hard to apply perfectly onto the nails.
The lasting power is very comparable to drugstore polishes, they lasted a good 3-4 days before starting to chip.  Would I recommend these? YES but I would only repurchase these if they are priced at $3.99 or less; for full price of $7.00 I can find cheaper alternatives at my local drugstores. 

What do you think of these polishes? Have you spotted them at your local Macy's and/or your local TJ Maxx?

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  1. Gorgeous colours! Thanks for letting me know about this line!



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