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A friend of mine is getting married this Summer and she is on stress overload, for those of you who have been married before you know how stressful it can be, planning the wedding, reserving a location, buying the perfect dress, picking out the cake, food, etc.  Being the bargain hunter that I am, I have been trying to help with in any way I can.

Well any bride will tell you that planning your wedding can be both exhilarating and overwhelming and at times the ‘wedmin’ list can seem almost endless. But amid booking churches, choosing cakes and finding ‘the dress’, don’t forget the little details that will help to make sure you feel perfect on the day.

With so many luxury lingerie labels now offering bridal collections, the range of choice is simple stunning – if not a little bewildering. Add into the mix the vast range of dress shapes and styles to accommodate and it’s quite a conundrum, but remembering a few little tips and tricks will help ensure you’re picture perfect and totally supported.
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Comfort  -- When you think of your wedding day, you probably think of luxurious, lacy lingerie. Think again. Remember that your wedding day and your wedding night are two very different events in terms of lingerie and a lot of brides opt to change later on, so, while it’s obviously important to feel beautiful on the day, comfort is key.  Also remember that there are many affordable options out there that not only look great but they feel great on as well!

Support -- More structured dresses will usually give you a lot of support, but if not, choose lingerie that will support you fully and help to enhance your figure. If your dress won’t accommodate a more traditional bra or bustier, you can ask your seamstress to sew in cups.

Fitting -- Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your lingerie. Buy it early and take it with you to a dress fitting so your seamstress can fit it properly to your dress.  At times waiting until the last minute will result in having to buy whatever is left over, which usually means something that might not fit right, or something that may cost a fortune!

Fake it --Even the perfect dress can’t do everything. If you still need a little bit more help, more and more brides are turning to the wonders of modern lingerie for a boost. As well as more traditional asset enhancing items like padded bras and the not-so-sexy shape wear, padded pants are becoming something of a phenomenon and are useful in creating a more defined hour-glass silhouette.

Change -- Yes, when it comes to your wedding night you have license to thrill, so if you’re enlisting some form of shape wear on the day; make sure you have something a little racier to slip into later on. Luxury labels like Agent Provocateur, Victoria’s Secret and La Perla all have prettier than pretty underthings, and you’ll never have such a good excuse to spend such a lot of money on so little fabric.

Also remember that your wedding/wedding night is one of the most memorable events that will occur in your life, so have fun shopping and most of all enjoy the moment! Are there any brides to be out there? Any recently wed gals out there? 
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  1. Aw great post, Silvana! I have to keep all this in mind for the future!!


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