Budget-Friendly Dress At The Oscars!!!

I just finished watching the Oscars on TV, and just happened to check out the Yahoo homepage which posted an article titled: "Helen Hunt flaunts low-budget Oscar style," do you know how happy this makes me feel? I love being a bargain blogger and overall bargain shopper, but to see a multi-million dollar celebrity wearing a very affordable budget dress at an Award show is Amazing!!
The dress is from H&M and the actress Helen Hunt is super proud to wear it; when interviewed by Ryan Seacrest she stated the reason why she wore the dress is because "they made a beautiful dress and they are going green" apparently H&M works with Global Green in which the actress has been working with in order to fight climate change! (yahoo movies). To check out the article on yahoo click here.

Thank you Helen Hunt (and H&M) for showing the world that you really don't have to spend thousands of dollars in order to look amazing; remember folks you don't have to compromise on beauty or fashion when you're on a budget, you can still look & feel Glamorous!

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  1. Wow, gorgeous dress! You don't have to spend loads to look beautiful


  2. I also saw headlines about her dress choice as soon as they came out and honestly I don't understand the fuzz I saw some people doing about it. I mean... they don't have to wear Dior, Prada, and all that just because it's a gala night.
    Look at that dress!! It's really beautiful! (and pretty similar to some you probably saw already with a very well known brand! :P)

    1. Hello Marta, you know how it is, there's a certain stigma that looks at celebrities in a higher rank than everyone else. Everyone expects you to wear designer brand items to award shows, so it's nice to see a celebrity not fall into the stereotype and go outside the norm! I loved the dress and love that she was proud to wear it!


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