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I love smelling good all the time, and aside from makeup another obsession I have is with perfumes!  I love buying perfumes and quite honestly I have more than an average person should, but my excuse is that I generally do not buy expensive and over priced perfumes!  

Today I am going to show you 3 different body sprays/perfumes that are super affordable, and easily can be compared to higher end perfumes that cost 4-5 times the price! These products can all be purchased online through, a site where you can find super affordable perfumes and sprays for men and women, but also through affordable retailers such as Walmart, K-Mart, Walgreen's, CVS, and Rite Aid.

If you love Bath and Body Work's Sweat Pea line then you will love the Body Fantasies Signature Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy (2.5oz Fragrance Body Spray) - described as "Blissful florals and sparkling fruits are masterly mingled and naturally long-lasting." This spray retails for only $3.59 on the

Now I have been guilty of buying expensive perfumes at Victoria's Secret before, too many if I have to admit it, so if you LOVE Victoria’s Secret Love Spell like I do, then you’ll love the Swept Away (2.5oz Fragrance Body Spray)! The scent is described as "a fruity floral fragrance with notes of juicy orange, ruby red grapefruit, berries, peach, cherry blossoms, jasmine, and sensual musk."  It is actually one of my favorite Victoria Secret's scents but this one comes at a more affordable price which is $3.59!
The last one I am going to show you is one of my favorite, it is the Sexiest Fantasies Love Struck (7.35oz Fragrance Body Spray).  The scent is described as "a fresh, clean and flirty scent leaving your skin sexy to the touch and totally kissable! A very sexy blend of cherry blossom, peach, and sensual musks."  For only $6.29 for this huge bottle it is definitely a steal!
What I love about these sprays and perfumes, is that they are very affordable, they smell wonderful, and they are long lasting!  You can never guess that these perfumes are so "cheap" because they smell like the high end high quality stuff that you would find at the mall for double the price!  

I love Fragrance Rebel because I can find all the scents and perfumes that I love and purchase them at very affordable prices! I can also read descriptions and reviews on their site, also look at ratings and top sellers (which is very important for me) then visit my local Walmart (or the other mentioned drugstores) and pick out the ones I know I already want!

Have you tried any of the scents I have showed you above? Which is your favorite? Which are you most excited to try?
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