Vaseline Repair Moisture Body Lotion (and Petroleum Jelly)

Lately I've been using the Vaseline Repair Moisture Body Lotion  and it is absolutely amazing, so I wanted to let you all know about it!  The lotion is creamy and you only need a tiny bit to lather it onto different areas of your body.  The lotion is fast drying and leaves your skin so smooth it is quite unbelievable.  What I love about it is that after using this lotion, my skin felt so refreshed, it just feels like I have brand new skin!

This particular lotion is the Repairing Moisture where it claims that it relieves very dry skin in 1 use and helps heal dry skin in 3 days, both of which I can verify the claims are 100% true and accurate!  During this winter season, my skin has been so incredibly dry that this lotion has been helping moisturize my dry skin not only for the moment but actually helping with dry skin in general!
Also, since we're reviewing Vaseline products, I do also like using the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (original) on my lips especially during the winter season, my lips get crazy dry and chapped!  I usually apply this product at night time, because it is a gel which means it's very shiny, so I find that it restores smoothness on my lips over night better than throughout the day!  This product as many of you know, is great for healing burns, scrapes, and has been used for decades for many health and cosmetic purposes.

Have you tried either one of these products? They are all amazing and work wonders on the skin!  Vaseline products are very affordable and can both be purchased at local drugstores; if you'd like to check out more Vaseline products please visit their site here.
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  1. omg yess my hands have been so dry lately i guess these winds and cold weather. i have been using straight petroleum jelly on them and they feel amazing

  2. Ooh I used to use Vaseline petroleum jelly on my lips all the time! I switched to aquaphor, but it seems the same :D


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