Style For Less: Max & Chloe vs Top Shop

The Agrigento Double Cable Fringe Rings featured on Max & Chloe creates a dramatic look with their multiple layers of gold chains dripping from each ring. However, the price is just as dramatic: $538.00.
You can wear both rings on the same finger, as suggested, or you can have some fun with it and wear them on separate fingers.
While these Agrigento rings are gorgeous, $538 is a little steep for us. Fortunately, Top Shop has a more affordable version of these rings with a little edge to them.
Edgy jewelry is in fashion this season, with spikes, studs and skulls making their way into the hottest designs. Not only do these rings from Top Shop cost far less than the designer version, but they also play up this season's trends much better by including the cool and edgy spikes along the chains.

You can buy the Agrigento rings here or buy the less expensive but equally chic Top Shop rings here. What do you think of these rings? Are they too dramatic for your taste, or will you be looking to rock this trend this season? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!
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  1. The Topshop was is far better for my overdraft, but sigh, the Max and Chloe ring is pretty spectacular.. Excellent dupe in the Topshop version, mind you and the spikes are very on trend xxx


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