Sephora 4 Step Nail Buffer

Let's do a many of you actually file your nails? LOL It's something that I never really did a lot of in the past because I kept my nails pretty short most of the time.  But I came across a nail buffer which is totally awesome, it is the Sephora 4 Step Nail Buffer, which retails for $5.00.

I love this product because not only does it file your nails, but it buffers, polishes, and shines your nails, pretty much it's a shaping tool for your nails!  The first time I used this product I was amazed at how awesome my nails looked, I basically gave myself a nail treatment similar to what a nail technician would do in a nail salon.
This tool is very convenient because you get 4 "tools" in one product, you can take this on the go, wherever you go, I have one at home and I keep one in my purse!  The best part of this tool is the shine part, it gives my nails such a clean shine that it looks like I have clear nail polish on!

There are many variations of this product, I've found a few similar ones at Big Lots for a lot cheaper but they don't work as well as the Sephora one!  For only $5.00 it is definitely worth it, you can check it out here on the Sephora site. Do you own the Sephora 4 Step Nail Buffer? Do you use anything similar to file/buffer/polish/shine your nails?
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  1. i do like these i like keeping them in my purse. i agree very convenient

  2. I'd be interested to see how long this one "lasts," so to speak. My poor buffer blocks last a couple of months at most if I really drag it out and use all the edges of each side and such, and I don't even use them that much. The buffer sides end up all worn down and shiny and the grit gets way less effective, but those are cheap ones are from Sally's. For the price, this one seems worth trying next time I'm at Sephora to see if it lasts longer.

  3. I love these things! I like to keep my nails natural or french manicure and let's face it french doesn't last so this is a fab alternative. I've had my sephora one for ages!


  4. Ooh I used to use something like this before...I have one but it's been a while haha


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