NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner

A makeup brand that I've used since a teen is NYC Cosmetics, their line ranges from nail polishes, to foundation, mascara, lip products, etc. Now I've been on a hunt for a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip and I came across this liner months ago, it was very affordable -- priced at $3.99 so I thought let's give it a try!
Immediately upon trying it, I loved it, the felt tip makes applying liquid eyeliner super easy within minutes you have perfectly lined eyes! The liner itself is very pitch black and remains that color throughout the whole day. 
But, after about a week, the pen dried out....I couldn't believe it, for about a month after that I tried using it still, but quite honestly it was horrible!  So what did I do....I purchased another one, I thought to myself maybe I had a defective one, or maybe I left the cap open one night and it dried with a brand new liquid liner, I loved it for about a week, then the same thing happened, it dried out as well.
As much as I love NYC Cosmetics, this liquid eyeliner is super expensive if you can only get perfect flawless application for a week!  So now I am still on a hunt for an affordable felt tip liquid eyeliner, that will not dry out after a week.  If you are interested in this product check out the NYC website here.

Do you have recommendations?  Which felt tip liquid eyeliner do you currently use? Do you have a favorite? Has anyone tried this liner? What do you think of it?
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  1. too bad it is dries fast~ I use milani eye tech right now and I'm really love it :)

  2. MUA has one that is decent, but I didn't find it stuck is well. The best I have used is the eyeko one that I received in Birchbox and repurchased. They have many colors are are rub/water/etc proof. LOVE!

  3. It's a good eyeliner, a really good colour and line, can't wait to try it out


  4. Eyeliner looks great, too bad it dries out fast.

  5. my favorite eyeliner came in my ipsy bag about 4 months back its called marabella i have used it over and over and over its my go to its now starting to finish product and im sad not sure how much a replacement will be!

  6. Gosh, I hate that this didn't work out. I've been looking for an affordable felt tip liner for a while. The elf one dried up on me super fast! I've used the mark. liner and it works okay, but I've been hearing rave reviews about the Milani liner. I'm thinking of giving that one a try next. Have you tried that one?

  7. I hate when eyeliners dry up like that. Try Maybelline New York Master Precise By Eye Studio! I bought it back in November and I use it almost everyday and hasn't dried up on me yet! And its pretty dark and does perfect lines! Try it! You wont regret it!


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