I have a new feature on my blog and I am so excited for it! Many of you always request coupons, and I always try to Tweet and Facebook them, but I wanted a more efficient way for all of you to get as many coupons as possible!

On the top menu tab where it says COUPONS also the banner on top, will take you to a feature from Redplum Coupons, it has virtually all types of coupons in YOUR area (by putting in your zip code) from food, to household, to pets, and beauty products.  If you're only interested in beauty/hair-care/skin products then you will want to select Personal Care!
Please let me know how you like this new feature, whether the app works functionally on all your computers (unfortunately you can view the coupons on a phone but obviously need to use a computer to print them out).  Also, these are printable coupons many of which can be used and added onto other discounts that stores are having!

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  1. Thanks a lot.. I am recently learning about couponing and really like it..hope i'll grab osme coupons from your post....xoxo

  2. Hi Jannatul, I am so glad you are learning about couponing, I love to find and use coupons although I am not an extreme couponer I do enjoy saving a few dollars here and there! Honestly several coupons can lead to a very big saving =) and hopefully with this new feature many readers of GGB will be able to save a few more dollars!

  3. Thank you. My budget and saving will thank you later. :)


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